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August 2, 2018



Okay. You made it to our web site and we're glad you're here! I'm in the picture at the top of this page. (I'm the one on the left.)


The title of my autobiography is, "Help! My world is disappearing!"


Anyone who has lived past the half-century mark will understand the dynamic. I remember my grandmother complaining when she came back from the doctor, "My heart is strong, my lungs are good. I just don't know what I'm going to die from!" She lived to within 18 months of 100 years and died in 1981. For her the worst part about growing old was watching all your friends pass away and having fewer and fewer people who can relate to your memories.


I find myself trying to explain the world of the 1950's to my children. I read my great-grandfather's account of his experiences in the Civil War and wish I could ask him questions. It would be nice if he could have written more than a mere seventeen pages. So I offer these pages mainly to my own three children and their children, but you are more than welcome to wander here with me through the paths of the Concklin Family History.


Richard (September 2007)

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