My great-grandfather, Charles W. Concklin, fought in the Civil War. He was in the Wisconsin 10th Infantry which was mustered out in November of 1864. He returned home and worked with another man to assemble their own unit. They were activated in February 1865 but the war was winding down by then and their unit saw no action.
He was a member of the American Legion Post, Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), in Milwaukee and apparently sometime early in the 20th century they encouraged those who remembered the Civil War (or the War Between the States, if you're from the South) to write down what they remembered of the war.
CW Concklin wrote 17 hand-written pages which have come down in our family. Here is a scan of the first page followed by a scan of a complete type-written version I produced a number of years ago. Stars (*) indicate a paragraph break not found in the original. (date posted here = 9/20/2007)
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